We Patch Asphalt Period!

The Fastest, Most Affordable Way To Repair Potholes, Low Areas, Large Cracks, Even Large Alligatoring Areas. 
We aren’t an asphalt paving company, but we are experts at repairing asphalt.  

"Why Pay More When A Patch Is The Perfect Fix"

We use Tested and Proven Methods that are both long lasting and highly economical. Unlike traditional removal and replacement or cold mix methods, our approach demands fewer personnel, reduces equipment needs, and allows instant traffic flow. And passes the savings directly to you.

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What Our Customers Say

Parker Perrien
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When you hire Pavement Repair Solutions you get one of the best teams in the business. These guys don’t just do work, they care. They communicate, they think outside of the box, and they know that customer satisfaction is key!
Gini Craft
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They do excellent work. Always very prompt with quotes and return phone calls. They are very quick to respond and get the job done in a timely and professions manner. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for prompt and professional work. Thank you for all you do for us!
Michael Wright
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They helped bring our parking lot back to life! I would highly recommend to call Pavement Repair Solutions for your needs as well.
Norman Davis
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Good services and hard working group. Gets the job done quickly. Good people


We do one thing better than anyone else…patch asphalt. Our expertise in this area, backed by the industry’s strongest guarantee, makes us the clear choice.

We’ve tried them all. This method is the most versatile, fastest and easiest to use…and that passes the savings to you.

We focus on asphalt repairs…that’s it.

1. Blow any dust or debris out of potholes.
2. Thoroughly coat area to be repaired.
3. Spray inject aggregate while coating aggregate thoroughly with emulsion.
4. Lightly cover patches with dry rock or other aggregate, so we can open it up to traffic.

We service all of Middle GA. Call us now to schedule an inspection.

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