Our Mission:
Provide convenient, reliable and cost effective solutions for repairing and maintaining asphalt.

The Reason Why..!

There are plenty of qualified paving contractors but very few contractors that focus on repairs and maintenance only…that’s where we come in. As asphalt surfaces age, problems can start to occur. 

Potholes, low areas, large surface cracking…etc. These issues are a common occurrence but they don’t have to be. 

If caught early, most of these issues can be resolved quickly and affordably. 

Here’s the problem. You need us sooner than later. 

Any time you are making a repair on any asphalt surface, you have to consider the condition of the surrounding pavement and decide on a solution that fits your particular situation and needs. Paying more than is necessary just doesn’t make sense. 

Our repairs last 5, 6 even 7 years or more. Even if we patch the same area twice before the pavement has to be replaced, it’s still more affordable that any alternative method. 

We offer services in all of Middle Georgia and Eastern Alabama. 

Serving local and county governments, school systems and universities, health care and hospitality, property management companies, and industrial facilities, our solution can fit any situation and budget.

Pavement repair solutions

We Fix Asphalt

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